I’m not sure if this is the right thing to do, but nothing else has seemed to work. I don’t know what I need and I’m hoping that this will give me some clarity, but I can’t seem to get this heaviness out of my stomach. 

I hate that I’m so quick to open up to people. I hate that I’m so trusting of people I hardly know. I hate that I believe when they say they’ll stick around.

I miss sleepovers.

I love those mornings when you wake to darkness and no one is asking anything of you. You’re under no pressure to exist. This is something of which I am in constant need.
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Actual five year olds.

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Accompanied my friend to free salsa lessons at the school today! It was super out of my comfort zone, but I eventually felt more at ease. After practicing the same combination of steps a few times, our instructor had the guys rotate out, so most everyone got to meet everyone else. After it was over, I stayed after with my friend and two guys to practice our turns and ugh, it was just a blast and this little blurb isn’t really doing it justice.

At school, I’ve started to notice that many guys wear khaki pants and it reminds me of my high school uniform.

Going to be missing AHS tonight because I need to study for my last midterm. Is there a place online I can watch it?

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Does my salad still count if I eat chocolate directly after?