Happy earth day…

(Source: breakfastwithponds)

(Source: breakfastwithponds)

I had lunch with a friend today and she commented on how little I eat. 
Let me back that up.
She was eating one slice of cheese pizza.
I was eating a bowl filled up to it’s maximum capacity of ziti and some garlic bread. I didn’t finish it all because I got full…but then ate more anyways when I got home. 

oliveuray said: Your tag <3


oliveuray said: Cutie pie ^_^ I love gingers. You’re hair is flawless and so is your face <3

You’re too sweet, thank you so much! I think you’re beautiful <3

                                                  Hello world. 
Last month of school = tons of assignments and stress = pictures on breaks

Amy Schumer (x)


Death being a great motivator, again!