Chest deep, I risked my phone’s life to take this.

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I got high last night, and woke with this on my table

This is much more beautiful than whatever it was supposed to look like.

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Remember when an inflatable bed lasted me more than a year? Yeah me neither.

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Mila Kunis in Seventeen Magazine, 1999

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I think I went too hard on leg day.

In other news I got up on a stage tonight and learned how to cha cha and am going to join the dance team at my school (fingers crossed).

I have one friend who is absolutely gorgeous, and she has met a total of (wait I think I forgot) 5…maybe 6 guys this week? And it’s funny because when I meet up with her, there’s always one next to her. Now besides trying to impress her, they have to butter me up too. Tonight this guy was catering to us at a BBQ basically. Then when we separated at the bus stop, the guy we had seen inside school sat next to her and talked to her and they exchanged numbers. I don’t understand her power over men, but I want to know her secret.