I bought new nail polish tonight and my nails literally look like the outfit/dress/not really a dress Hilary Duff wore in “Hey Now/What Dreams Are Made Of” scene.

I was putting some of my mom’s clothes in the hamper and when I opened it, all her clothes were folded and separated in stacks of darks and lights. When I asked her about it, she sorta whispered, “No one was supposed to know about that” before we both started laughing.

I may or may not have had pizza for lunch and dinner.

Zoombinis | The Big, The Bad and The Hungry

  • Allergic Cliffs
  • Stone Cold Caves
  • Pizza Pass

Besides myself, I’ve ever only known one other person allergic to freshly cut grass, and they would hardly ever come to school when it got warmer out. I’m allergic to basically everything the outdoors has to offer and walking on campus today was like a death wish.

Ploys to get my boyfriend to come over that never work
  • "I called work and they said you don’t have to work today."
  • "Work burned down."
  • "You don’t look so well. You’re burning up!"
  • "I’ll give you (insert leftovers here)." This week it was tacos.
  • "I’ll massage you."
  • "We can snuggle."

It’s like…it’s like I wanted to make myself cry.

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